Overhead Torsion Spring

If you can't open your garage door manually, and it is very heavy. You may have a broken garage door spring. The overhead torsion spring can be located above the inside of the garage door. If you see a crack in the spring then you must all a qualified garage door company.
Garagerepair.ca offer's all residential garage door overhead spring replacements. Prices range according the weight of the garage door. 
Spring Install Rates:
Single Spring: $59
Double Spring: $39
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Side Cables

The side cables are located on both sides of the garage door. If your cable has rusted out, then your door will jam or sit crooked. Do not use your opener if this happens
Garagerepair.ca can change the cables and rebalance your garage door.We double check your other cable to see if there is a rust build up that may require changing.
Side Cables:
7 Foot Cable: $20 each
8 Foot Cable: $30 each
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Hinges & Brackets

Hinges are what holds the panels together. If you notice your panels are grinding, then you may need hinge adjustments. The bottom brackets hold the side cable in line
The rollers are located on the sides of the panels and allow the garage door to roll up and down.
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Garage Door Openers

Looking to purchase or replace your garage door opener? We offer all types of WIFI garage door openers that you can choose from. We carry the Chamberlain garage door opener with all the accessories you may require
Garage Door Opener Installation
Did you recently purchase a new garage door opener? We can install everything you purchased for an affordable rate.
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